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About us


Organisations around the world are constantly requiring transformations to meet growing business needs. With reduced boundaries, creative and dynamic competition, the need of the hour is constant management and renewal of Knowledge & Skills. Balancing the crucial supply chain of expertise and talent for global corporations is getting tougher than ever. The need for faster turnaround times, ever increasing compliance requirements, and a pressing demand for complete transparency in real-time people management—are a few of the challenges that growing organisations face in the not-so-distant future.

There is a solution –Kolmè. An on-demand business management system that covers all the people & resource planning processes of an organisation.

It is 100% cloud-based, making it easy, and affordable, for small and growing companies to transform from spreadsheet number crunching to a system that drives their business’ people needs by adapting to the constantly evolving needs of the market.

By tactically unifying talent management, training, knowledge, collaboration, performance, and recruitment processes in a single system, Kolmè swiftly maximises the organisation’s performance. Being fully scalable it also allows you to uninterruptedly align, develop, and manage all your people processes across your organisation. Real-time visibility into strategic processes will help your people execute more efficiently.

The tangible benefits of that energised performance – Maximised innovation and productivity, Quicker delivery times, Enhanced customer service, Greater competitive edge – will automatically follow.