Human Capital, the company's greatest investment, can be managed more effectively than ever before. Saves you time on non value-adding administration to free you up to grow the business.

Effective and Timely Decisions:Accurate, up-to-date and timely information leads to effective and timely decisions. Using shared calendars, tasks can be allocated with target times for completion.

Web Based Solution: The product works well within and outside the organisation because of the flexibility to implement it on the internet or the intranet, with 24/7 access across multiple locations.

Greater Management Control: Employee information, recruitment, salary, leave, time usage, absence, holidays and approvals are all accessible through a single window.

Facilitates Faster Recruitment: Reduces waiting time for approvals, feedback from interviewers, ease of access to the potential employees' background,educational qualifications.

Kolmè is fully scalable and flexible to fit the changing needs of the business. The Kolmè framework is completely customisable allowing you (or us) to create a solution that meets your needs exactly.